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Who We Are

Mark H. Parr,
CEO & President

With more than 40 years of experience, Mark Parr is an industry leader in wireless and wire-line telecommunications systems.

Jeff Just,

Jeff founded and operated businesses for over 30 years, with multifunction experience in development, acquisitions, finance, and asset management.

Neil Milano,

Neil has a broad 30 years of industry experience with in-depth understanding of pharmaceuticals, technology, telecommunications, and media

Matthew Fallon,
VP Business Development

With 20 years’ experience in network deployment, Matthew successfully completed over 1,000 agreements with an aggregate valuation of over $250 million.

Jim Trella,
VP Network Services

Jim Trella has had a distinguished career with over 30 years of IT experience in Higher Education, at the Quinnipiac University and University of New Haven.

Ben Montgomery,
Director, Business Development

Ben has been creating value in the wireless space for over 10 years, building upon successful ventures in the automotive, legal, and visitor industries.
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