Mark Parr on the Third Drive Podcast Series

While in Austin for the Smart City Innovation Summit, Bandwidth Logic CEO Mark Parr, sat down with the Third Drive team for its podcast series. Most of the podcast centered on the challenges involved in architecting the largest underground subway system in the world: The New York City Subway system. Parr talks about the early days, what it took to finally get the contract in place and begun (an 8-year process), and what new developments are rolling out as the project continues.

Parr explains how the system was purpose-built to expand beyond the subway system. It was designed to advance New York City. That was a Bloomberg initiative from many years ago, he says. The result was an infrastructure that can support inside buildings, outside buildings, and underground.

Third Drive’s Brandon Knicely and Christian Ray hosted the podcast. When asked about international opportunities, Parr explained how many European and Asian countries have surpassed the U.S., and how were playing catchup despite the fact the U.S. invented many of todays modern communications technologies.

The last ten minutes of the 30-minute podcast sheds light on whats coming. Parr lays out an exciting preview of how increased bandwidth will play a major role in the future as we see the potential for new 5G apps, devices, and capabilities.

“I can’t even believe what’s coming,” Parr says. “It will blow your mind

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