Bandwidth Key to Smart City Growth

Peter Murray, who convenes the Dense Networks events, has been known to say, “Bandwidth is the oil of the giga economy.” It was only a matter of time before Bandwidth Logic would start getting involved in Peter’s events.

CEO Mark Parr spoke at the Orlando Dense Networks event last week. He covered the complexity that went into designing and building the largest DAS implementation in the world– the New York Subway system– as well as one of our latest projects in lower Manhattan at 55 Water Street. Along with panel members from Smart City Orlando, Charles Ramdatt; Chip Swisher, Centurylink; and Kurt Jacobs, JMA Wireless; Mark talked about a range of issues that confront city planners from mobile/wireless demands and future-readiness to flexibility in contracting.

Murray assembled a fascinating set of speakers currently underway with Smart City initiatives, including USIgnite, an organization funded by the NSF with tools to help 25 cities across the county develop Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC) best practices to live “holistic, happier, healthier” lives.

Murray also presented a slide that estimated in a short 17 years, by 2035 – 2040, 80 -100% of all sales; 40 – 50% of all fleet; and 50 – 80% of all travel would constitute driverless vehicles.

The Smart City Lessons Learned Panel included this gem of a definition:

The day ended with the ever-impressive Chris Castro who wow’d the attendees with the many strides Orlando is making on the sustainability front. If you have not heard about the Orlando Greenworks story, you can find out more on the city’s web site. It’s truly impressive and an inspiration for other Smart Cities looking to address all the needs of its growing urban communities.

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