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An American architectural icon, 30 Rockefeller Center, is one of the best-known buildings in the world. Its a national historic landmark at the center of Rockefeller Plaza and plays host to some of the most famous celebrities, business titans, and everyday tourists from around the world. When 30 Rock needed reliable cellular service, it turned to the founders of Bandwidth Logic.

We spent some time with Dan Anselmi, Infrastructure Manager at NBC Universal, and asked him about the project.

“As far as projects go, this project was enjoyable. It could have been a nightmare.” – Dan Anselmi, NBC Universal

Anselmi explained that the system was designed to go through all of the attached buildings of 30 Rock which comprises three locations: the West building is 16 floors, the studio building is 9 floors, and the East tower is 71 floors. Mark Parr, CEO of Bandwidth Logic, remembers the complexity of the job. Its an old building, and its dense in there, he said. Plus, remember, they’re broadcasting there 24 x 7. The ceilings are filled with cables, and there are over 500 frequencies because of all the wireless mics they need to do their jobs.

The building, one of the most famous and recognized skyscrapers in New York City, was built in 1933 by famed Art Deco architect Raymond Hood. The Rockefeller family has had its offices there, as well as the Executive ranks of General Electric and NBC. NBC broadcasts from the building around the clock, and it includes the famed Saturday Night Live sound stage, as well as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

So, no pressure, right?

Anselmi told us, “It’s not an easy building to get around in and to find cable paths in all the time. It’s difficult to work around the production schedules and breaking news events. There are any number of things that make this building a challenge to work in, to say the least.” The tenants, unlike other office buildings in New York, are constantly making moves, adds, and changes.

What the Bandwidth Logic team provided was a smooth implementation. Anselmi said, “What impressed me the most about Mark was when we came up against a situation that had to be remedied, Mark wasn’t stymied by it – he had an answer for it; he had a workaround for it. Nothing came to a grinding halt because something deviated from the design on paper. It just went smoothly. Once everything was done, things clicked. Nothing was a real stumbling block.”

The most complicated jobs are not about the cables, the frequencies, the antennas, or the technical know-how to pull it all together, what the customer remembers is the experience working with you in tandem. Bandwidth Logic’s founders delivered something more important than a technical solution– they delivered peace of mind.#DAS #Wireless

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